Boost your translation business

Your contacts, invoices, projects and calendar always accessible, always backed up in a single app.
Say goodbye to multiple Excel files and outdated data.



Do you have your contacts organised and at your fingertips?

You can’t find that customer’s email? What was the name of that translator you worked with 3 years ago? Where did you put the mobile number of that important contact? What did you discuss with that potential customer a year ago?

With 4Visions you’ll always have all your contact’s details at hand, whether they are customers or suppliers, and you can access all their contact details, add notes, documents or meetings to succeed in the world of translation.


Where do you make a note of all the projects that you’ve done in a month?

The translation world is full of big projects, punctuated by some small or minimal translations, word counts, revisions by the hour. Do you keep a comprehensive control of everything you do? Can you be absolutely sure that you haven’t missed anything when billing?

Centralise all your projects in 4Visions, organise them by client or by date and rest easy knowing that you’ve got everything under control.



Do you also hate spending hours preparing bills and quotes?

Again it’s the end of the month and it takes Jane a whole morning to do her bills. Does that ring a bell? What if we tell you that you can do the same work in five minutes? Now you’ve got a whole morning for yourself. You're welcome.

Create a quote, turn it into a project with a click and produce a bill with a single click. It’s that easy! Send off the PDF file to your customer and spend your time on more productive things. In addition, you’ll be able to keep track of all your income, your expenses, your outstanding quotes, outstanding bills, etc. All the financial information of your business, at a glance and well organised.



All your data is safe based on the highest security standards

256 bit data encryption, PCI compliance, continuous backup, redundant data centres and state-of-the-art security measures.

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«An extremely useful solution for translators, bringing together the modules that we use on a daily basis. It's the best investment I've made for a long time!»

— Cristina Sánchez Sánchez, freelance translator
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Cristina Sánchez

Integrated Management

Just one single application to manage all your translation business.

} Automation of Tasks

Streamline all your administrative tasks and increase your productivity.

W Multiplatform

Freedom to choose your operating system.

w From Anywhere

Access all your information from wherever you are.

No More Backups

We take care of backing up your most important data.

O Mobile

You’ve left the office? Operate on the go with our mobile version!

l Easy to Use

Create a project or an invoice in seconds. Really!

% The right fit for your needs

Developed with freelance translators and small agencies in mind!

Continuous development

We use your feedback to develop new functions so you can stay ahead of the game.


How does the 1 month trial work?

You simply have to select a plan and fill the registration form. You won’t be charged for the first month and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime.

What if I selected the wrong plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade at anytime with a simple click. Easy.

Can I get support from a human being?

Yes! We’d love to hear from you or help you out. Click email support below to get in touch with us.

What web browser do I need?

We fully support Chrome or Safari for the best experience. You can also use Explorer 9 or higher or Firefox but our support for those browsers is limited.

Are there any additional charges?

No. Your monthly fee includes it all. You will always be using the latest version of our app. No need to pay for new versions.

Can I import my contacts?

Sure. There’s an import contacts function to import your contacts. You can also export all your data.

Who can access my data?

You and only you as long as you don’t share your password.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course but please note that we charge you for one month at a time and can’t refund the days you didn’t use.

What's the free plan?

We’ve created a few cool features and bundled them together in a free plan so you too can enjoy all this 4Visions goodness. It’s free and it always will be.


Instant backup

Your data is stored at several high security data centres around the world. This redundancy allows us to recover all your data in the event of a disaster.

$ Your billing information is safe

We process your billing information through a PCI compliant German Bank and is transmited, processed and stored through a secure network. We don’t store it in our servers nor do we have access to it.

Regular security updates

We constantly deploy upgrades and security patches and backup your data and our system on multiple servers.

n Maximum security for your business data

All your data is encrypted using a 256 bit encryption - The very same security encryption standard your online bank has.

We’ll never let you down

Our uptime is 99%. Guaranteed.